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TO: All Yorktown Athletic Club Members
FR: Bruce Apar, Chair, YAC Nominating Committee
RE: YAC Elections Procedure


The General Membership meeting is scheduled at
Mohansic School on December 7th from 7-9pm


Yorktown Athletic Club Constitution and Bylaws provide for a maximum of up to 21 directors on its Board of Directors: five officers, elected by the general membership in attendance at the annual meeting; plus six sports commissioners and 10 members-at-large. Fewer than 21 directors are permitted, provided the five elected officer positions remain intact.


All YAC members in good standing (ie, fully paid in annual dues and sports registration fees) are eligible to attend and vote at the Annual General Membership Meeting, scheduled for November 2016 -- with date, time and location to be announced shortly to the full membership.


Step 1: All YAC members in good standing who wish to run for one of the five officer positions must submit his or her name, contact information and desired position to no later than midnight of Saturday, October 29, 2016.


Step 2: After Oct. 29, 2016, the YAC Nominating Committee schedules interviews with declared candidates who want to be considered for endorsement by the board.*


Step 3: After interviews are completed, the Nominating Committee presents its endorsed slate of candidates to the YAC Board of Directors for ratification.


Step 4: YAC Board announces its slate to the general membership.


Step 5: YAC elections are held before year-end on date to be announced. Elected individuals take office January 2017.


* NOTE: It is not mandatory to be interviewed by the Nominating Committee. Any member in good standing is eligible to run for office in opposition to the Boards endorsed slate of candidates for the five positions. 


Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the YAC Election process at the email address or mobile number below.


All five officer positions described below are up for election and carry two-year terms. Incumbent YAC officers also may choose to run for re-election. There are no term limits set forth in YAC by-laws.


Members cast ballots for each position separately. In other words, unlike our national election, a single YAC ballot is NOT cast for President/Vice President -- or for any other position -- as a team. Each officer is elected independent of the other four positions.


President …
… shall preside at all general membership meetings of the YAC; shall perform all duties incident to the office; shall act as an ex-officio member of all standing committees; and shall appoint any other ad hoc special committee which, in the opinion of the President and upon the advice and consent of the Board of Directors, may be deemed necessary to advance the interests of the YAC.


Vice President …

… shall assist the President in the discharge of the latter’s duties and act in the place and stead of the President if the latter is unable to attend. The Vice President shall preside at the monthly Board of Directors meeting.


Secretary …

… shall have the responsibility that all required notices are mailed in a timely fashion to the membership; shall receive and answer all correspondence; shall maintain or have maintained an accurate written record of the substance of all relevant proceedings at any regular or special meeting; and shall be the repository for all books and documents created or maintained by the YAC except to the extent such documents are created or maintained by one or more of the other officers.


Registrar …

 … shall administer all registration proceedings; shall receive all dues and maintain an accurate record of such receipts; and shall deliver all such monies to the treasurer.

Treasurer …

… shall receive and disburse all funds of the club; shall keep an accurate record of such receipts and expenditures; and hall make such reports to the YAC as hereinafter set forth.

Respectfully Submitted,

2017-18 Yorktown Athletic Club Nominating Committee

Bruce Apar, Chair – (914) 275-6887 (mobile)

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